On Sunday 29th January, St. Peter’s took part in the Hoops 4 Health Basketball final at half time during the Cheshire Phoenix Basketball match. They played against King’s School, Chester and equipped themselves extremely well taking the lead in the match with some superb play and a great shot.  However, King’s had the advantage of height (with one of their players nearly as tall as the proper players) and they slowly came back into the game. They scored two baskets and with only a few seconds left it was too late for St. Peter’s to reply. All the children demonstrated skill and sportsmanship and they were a real credit to the school.

Thank you to all the support from friends and family – it was a wonderful experience and the children made us all very proud.

On the 2nd February we went to a basketball competition, we took 3 teams to compete.  The first match, which was played by St. Peter's A team, was won by us 4-0.  Our B team played our C team and our B team won 4-2.  Our A team then played again and we had a amazing win of 16-4.  Our B team played really well but unfortunately lost.  C team's second game was close but didn't win this time.  A team's third game was close but we managed to take a win with 2-0.  B team sadly lost in their third match with a 4-2.  The C team played very well but lost this one.  A team luckily won their pool, B team came third in their pool and C team came fourth in their pool. 

C team played very well in their last game and drew 6-6.  B team won their last game with 8-2 and A team won their game with 6-0.

Overall final results:

C team - 8th

B team - 5th

A team - 1st

                                                                                            Report by: Team member