F2 - Ways to Help at Home

Ways to help at home.


There are many ways in which you can help and support your child in their learning before they start and during their time in the Foundation Stage.

  • Encourage children to recognise and take into account the feelings of others. When starting school your child will begin to make new friends and learn to compromise and negotiate.  These are important skills which some children can find and difficult. By talking to your child about the feelings of other it will help them to develop personal, social and emotional skills.

  • Encourage children to develop self-help skills such as getting dressed themselves, putting on their coat and shoes, using a knife and fork to eat, using the toilet independently and separating from parents will all help with a smooth transition.

  • Learning through play - Encourage children to learn and develop through play, open ended resources such as boxes, sand and materials will develop children’s imagination, creativity, problem solving skills and language skills.

  • Read to your child as much as possible; spend time talking about the characters and the pictures. Ask your child to predict what might happen next in the scene. Help him/her realise that books are read from front to back, page by page, and move your finger along under words so s/he can see that you are reading the words from left to right.  Let your child see you reading books, magazines and newspapers, so that s/he can know that reading is enjoyable. Join the library, give your child a chance to choose for him/herself.