Hockey Tournament

Hockey Tournament on Thursday 15th March 2018

On Thursday evening, some of the 5/6 pupils went to represent St Peter's in a Wirral Hockey competition. We did really well and we came top of our group which means we are through to the Merseyside Hockey final which will take place in July.

Our first game was a nice easy start. We were playing St Michael’s and we won 6-0!! But we had a lot more games to come…..

Our second game was harder. The team we played were Oxton St Saviour’s and they scored first. This didn’t stop us! But we managed to come back from 1-0 down. We made a comeback winning   3-1. During the game, one of their players swung their hockey stick too high and nearly hit one of our players. Luckily, our player’s hockey stich shielded him so no one got hurt.

Our third game against Our Lady of Pity started perfectly with an early goal from Gia. Our second goal was caused by their defender, who stood on the ball, this left everyone startled except from Gia who quickly robbed it of the puzzled player and slotted it in.  Unfortunately they got 1 back but our solid defence held the lead right to the end and the game ended; St Peter’s – 1, Our Lady of Pity – 1.

Our last game was against Poulton Lancelyn and if we won, we went through to the Merseyside finals. It was a shaky start with neither team really getting any chances of having a shot. But we didn’t give up with a goal from Josh and Tim winning it for St Peter’s. With a brilliant defence performance from Mia, St Peter’s will now represent Wirral in the Merseyside final.