Phonics & Spelling

Whole-School Overview

At St. Peter’s, children are taught daily, 20 minute, discrete spelling and phonics. Children in F2 and Year 1 follow a synthetic programme, introducing them to the 44 phoneme-grapheme correspondences.They develop their skills to use their knowledge of these to segment to spell, and blend to read.


From Year 2 onwards, the school follows the ‘Read Write Inc’ spelling programme, which closely matches the spelling requirements of the National Curriculum. The children are taught with their year group.  The use of synthetic phonics is a proven teaching strategy to teach young children to read and write and the spelling curriculum builds upon the foundations of the children’s phonetic awareness.


In both KS1 and KS2, the children’s ability to apply the spelling patterns taught is an integral part to their success when writing.

Phonics in F2 &Year 1

In Foundation 2, children are taught daily, 20 minute, discrete phonics sessions. Each session encourages children to be actively involved in their learning providing a range of fun, practical activities involving using the whiteboard, puppets and playing games.

Teachers’ plan following the DfE ‘Letters and Sounds’ program. Throughout their first year in school they are taught approx 40 phoneme - grapheme correspondence and how to use these to read and write simple words. They are also taught that some words are ‘tricky’ words as they don't fit the phonic patterns taught.  

Children are provided with a wide range of  opportunities to apply their phonic knowledge in range of child initiated and adult directed play based games and activities. Children are actively encouraged to use their growing phonic knowledge to make phonetically plausible attempts to read and write.


When children enter KS1 they will continue their phonics journey following  ‘Letters and Sounds’  There is a seamless transition from F2 where they will be taught further phoneme - grapheme correspondence and a range of alternative sounds. This will culminate with them being secure with the requirements of the Year 1 curriculum, ready to begin the Read Write Inc program in Year 2. At the end of Year 1 all children will undertake the statutory Year 1 Phonics Screening.

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Spelling - Years 2 to 6
From September 2017, Years 2 - 6 have been taught the spelling curriculum using ‘Read Write Inc’. The scheme incorporates all the spelling objectives from the 2014 National Curriculum for each year band, and uses many strategies, such as rules, patterns, etymology, repetition and self-assessment, to embed learning.
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When assessing the children’s progress against age-related expectations, the application of spelling rules within their writing forms an integral part of a teacher's judgement.

The National Curriculum Spelling Appendix provides examples of words embodying each pattern which is taught.
The word-lists for years 3 -6 are statutory. The lists are a mixture of words pupils frequently use in their writing and those which they often misspell, but do not necessarily follow any patterns being taught in that year band. In ‘Read Write Inc’, these are referred to as Orange or Red words.