At St Peter’s we are dedicated to ensuring that each child learns to read with accuracy and confidence as well as fostering a love of reading that will allow them to become life-long learners.

When children enter F2, they begin their reading journey through the use of synthetic phonics as a tool to 'blend to read'. When they are ready, children are provided with an individual reading book from our reading scheme. This very closely matches their reading ability and will ensure the right balance of challenge and success for children to feel confident in their abilities to read.

As children’s  confidence in decoding develops, they are taught to read for meaning through the use of reading strategies such as prediction, inference and deduction.

In KS1, children’s reading journey continues with their own individual reading book from our scheme. They will be assessed regularly to ensure that the books are appropriately leveled for their individual progress.

When deemed appropriate, children will make the transition to become a 'free reader'. This is when children’s word reading and comprehension shows a higher depth of understanding of the various age related expectations. Teachers will continue to assess children to ensure the text they are reading closely matches their ability.

Alongside their individual reading, all children will take part in weekly, whole-class guided reading sessions. These sessions will mainly focus on comprehension skills.

Our individual reading scheme follows the national book band scheme which consists of a range published schemes that have been graded according to the difficulty of the text. Each level of book is given a colour.

The publishers which form part of the book banding scheme at St Peter’s are:

Oxford Reading Tree

Big Cat Phonics

Bug Club

Story Worlds