Science at St Peter's

Overview of the school’s programme:

Science is a core subject in primary education. As a school, we follow the National Curriculum for Science. The National Curriculum is split into KS1, Lower KS2 and Upper KS2 and, as we have mixed age classes, our programme follows a two year cycle, (see  Year Group links below).

We use a variety of resources to support our planning, in particular the Kent Planning and Assessment Scheme, which supports the teachers in ensuring coverage and when making assessment judgements.



Science plays a crucial role in developing our understanding of the world around us. Our teaching ensures that children can discover, explain and develop skills of enquiry through working scientifically, an integral part of our Science curriculum. Enquiry skills are taught alongside the essential aspects of knowledge,methods, processes and application of Science.


Below you will find links to the 2-year cycle of objevtives covered in each year group: