A St Peter's Digital Citizen

At St. Peter’s Primary, we believe our golden thread of PETERS Values should weave its way through our curriculum, including our subject of Computing.  

Throughout their primary school journey, we want our students to develop their critical computing skills through #teamwork, show #respect and #empathy when communicating in our ever-changing digital world and always show #pride and #effort in their engaging computing lessons.  

We want our pupils to be responsible and skilled “digizens,” who have a strong foundation of basic computing credentials and knowledge that can be built upon to prepare them for the careers of the future.  To achieve this, we have a great emphasis on the core subject specific skills which include: both block and text based programming, creating and manipulating media, understanding and analysing computer systems and networks and digital data handling.  

The importance of E-Safety is not undervalued or underestimated: it is found at the heart of all our computing sessions.  Regular lessons on topics such as self image and identity, cyber bullying, building positive relationships and reputations online, privacy and security and considering well being and lifestyle, help to prepare and instil a healthy balance for our children’s “online and offline” lives. 

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