Welcome to St. Peter's CE Primary, Heswall! Please enjoy browsing our website and social media accounts to view what life is like at our happy and thriving school. If you would like to contact our school office, please call 0151 342 2556.


This area contains downloadable public files that will explain our key school policies.  Please feel free to download them for you to read.  

Our aim is to ensure that you have the ability to be fully up to date with the fundamental policy that establishes the core of our daily life here at school.  With the transparency of these files we continue our aim to be as involved as possible with the school and wider community. 

Here at St. Peter's we are a fully inclusive school. We have a zero tolerance policy towards racism, bullying, homophobia and disablism.  

Accessibility policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
Admission Policy STATUTORY 2023-2024 .pdf
Admission Policy STATUTORY 2024-2025.pdf
Behaviour and Exclusion Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Biometric Data Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Charging & Remissions Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Child Protecion and Safeguarding Policy Appendix STATUTORY 2023-2024.pdf
Children with Health Needs who Cannot Attend School Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Code of Conduct Governing Body STATUTORY 2023-2024 .pdf
Complaints Policy & Procedure Statement STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
Data Protection Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Early Career Teacher Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Equality & Diversity Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Equality Objectives STATUTORY 2021 - 2022.pdf
EYFS Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
First Aid and Administration of Medicine Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
Freedom of Information Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Governor Code of Conduct STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Governors Allowances Expenses Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Grievance Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Health Safety Policy STATUTORY 2023-2024 .pdf
Instrument of Government STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Management of Attendance Capability Policy and Procedure STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 pdf.pdf
Management of Attendance Operational Guidance and Appendices STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Managing Allegations Against Staff Policy STATUTORY 2023-2024.pdf
Performance Appraisal Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Performance Capability Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
Pupils with Medical Needs Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
School Privacy Notice Pupils STATUTORY2023 - 2024.pdf
Schools Privacy Notice School Workforce STATUTORY 2023-24.pdf
SEND Information Report STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
SEND Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Staff Code of Conduct STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
Staff Disciplinary Policy & Procedure STATUTORY 2023 - 2024 .pdf
Whistleblowing Policy STATUTORY 2023-2024.pdf
Whole School Pay Policy STATUTORY 2023 - 2024.pdf
Safer Recruitment and Selection Policy Procedure 2023 - 2024 NON STATUTORY.pdf
Child on child abuse 2023 - 2024 NON STATUTORY.pdf
Wirral Attendance Policy STATUTORY pdf.pdf
Anti Bullying Policy 2023 - 2024 NON STATUTORY.docx.pdf
Child Protection - Safeguarding Policy and Procedure STATUTORY 2023-24.pdf